As a business owner, your top priority is the safety and protection of your staff and assets. Without proper security measures in place, your business could be at risk of theft, burglary, or other crimes which could be detrimental to your operations. But with so many security options available in the market today, it’s easy to get confused about which one is the best for your business. One option to consider is hiring a security guard service, which offers many benefits over a security system. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 5 benefits of using a security guard service vs. a security system, and how it can benefit your business. At Saber Security, our team of trained professionals is ready to help safeguard your business and provide you with peace of mind.


Security guards can provide a personalized approach to security. They can tailor their services according to your business needs and cater to specific concerns you may have. This means that guards can be assigned to specific areas of your premises, such as around high-value items, entry and exit points, or high traffic areas. By doing so, they can detect and prevent suspicious or unwanted behavior, and take appropriate action if necessary. This level of personalization is not possible with security systems as they lack the human element to identify and respond to potential threats.


The presence of a trained security guard is often enough to deter potential criminals from targeting your business. Criminals are less likely to attempt a break-in if they see that your property is being monitored by a professional security guard service. Guards can conduct routine patrols, enforce rules and regulations, and communicate with potential troublemakers. They can quickly identify suspicious behavior and take proactive steps to prevent incidents before they occur. A physical presence is a powerful deterrent and can save you from the potential losses of theft, vandalism, or damage to your property.


In case of an emergency, a security guard can provide immediate response to any situation. Guards are trained to respond to various situations and can communicate with emergency services if necessary. This swift action can help to minimize the damage done to your business and prevent incidents from escalating. In contrast, a security system will only alert the authorities and not take action to stop the crime from happening.


Security guards can also serve as an extension of your customer service team. They can assist with directions, escort employees or clients to their cars, or answer any questions visitors may have. This enhances your business operations and improves the customer experience. A security system does not have the ability to provide this level of service.


Security guard services offer flexibility and can adapt to changing business needs. Guards can be added or removed as per the requirements of your business. They can be assigned during specific business hours, such as opening or closing, or during high traffic times. This level of flexibility is not possible with security systems.


In conclusion, there are several benefits of using a security guard service vs. a security system. Personalized security, deterrence, timely response, customer service, and flexibility are just a few of the advantages. By hiring a trained security guard from Saber Security, you can protect your business, employees, and customers, and ensure smooth business operations. A security system may offer some level of protection, but the added human element of a security guard is irreplaceable. It’s time to take your business security to the next level and provide the best protection for your investment. Contact Saber Security to learn more about our security solutions for businesses, offices, and commercial premises.