On-site security assessments


Investing in a security assessment is one of the most effective ways to enhance the safety of your site or property. With Saber Security, you can trust that our specialists will provide you with a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of any potential threats or weak spots. Our security assessments take into account a variety of factors, such as the layout of your facility, the individuals who frequent it, and any inherent security risks. By offering recommendations for how to address these concerns, we can not only help you mitigate risks, but also create a safer and more secure environment for all.


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A comprehensive security assessment will provide your organization with insight into your security needs and allow you to implement strategies to mitigate risks.

Tactically Trained

Every member of the Saber Security Team undergoes extensive specialized training in tactical threat response ensuring the proficiency of every guard assigned to any field position.

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Saber Security exceeds the industry standard by offering our clients with highly trained and experienced security professionals. We pride ourselves as the leading provider for premium security services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.


Protecting a business from potential threats requires a comprehensive security assessment. This process involves identifying and analyzing risks, assessing threats and vulnerabilities, and analyzing local crime data. The review of site security measures, operating procedures, architectural and physical security, and electronic systems is crucial to ensure that the business is secure. Additionally, assessing policies, procedures, and personnel is vital. A thorough evaluation of the current program is essential to develop recommendations that will improve security. Prioritizing recommended solutions ensures that the most critical areas are addressed first. The final step is the preparation of a full Security Assessment Report with detailed recommendations. Taking these steps not only improves security but also reduces insurance premiums and cost savings. Don’t wait until an incident occurs; start with professional security assessments today.

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On-Site Security Assessments