Shopping and retail security

Theft and loss prevention

Theft is a major problem for businesses, causing significant financial losses and putting a heavy burden on retail staff. With economic hardship on the rise, theft is becoming a more common occurrence, leaving many business owners feeling frustrated and helpless. That’s where Saber Security comes in. By offering a range of protection measures that include staff surveillance, rapid response to threats, and liability coverage, Saber Security offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses protect themselves and their assets. With our services, businesses can discourage looting and provide a safer shopping experience for their customers and staff. With Saber Security, businesses can reclaim their peace of mind and focus on what they do best: serving their customers.



A comprehensive security assessment will provide your organization with insight into your security needs and allow you to implement strategies to mitigate risks.

Tactically Trained

Every member of the Saber Security Team undergoes extensive specialized training in tactical threat response ensuring the proficiency of every guard assigned to any field position.

Professional & Disciplined

Saber Security exceeds the industry standard by offering our clients with highly trained and experienced security professionals. We pride ourselves as the leading provider for premium security services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.


When you think of retail security, your mind may immediately conjure up images of stern, serious-faced officers standing watch outside your favorite store. But here at our company, our team of retail security officers aren’t just there to keep an eye out for trouble – they’re property ambassadors. This means they’re always visible, open, and accessible to assist the public in any way possible. Whether it’s giving directions to that elusive shoe store or reuniting separated family members, our security officers are there to provide a helping hand. With high visibility and proactive customer touch points, our officers help to deter undesirable activity and ensure that the property can be safely enjoyed by everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a small independent shop or a sprawling chain store, we provide complete security solutions to help your Colorado Springs retail space thrive.