Wal Lugo

Director of Marketing/Owner

About Wal

Wal began his career serving in the United States Air Force from 1999-2009 as a response force member to a nuclear security unit. His military service included deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations worldwide. 

After his term of service, he was recruited as an anti-terrorism officer for the department of defense, his duties included risk management principles and strategic security mitigation policy. 

He continued his career in law-enforcement, where he served as a sheriff’s deputy, police officer, parole officer, and a criminal investigator for the State of Colorado, with a primary focus on executive protection and felony investigations.  

Wal’s experience in marketing includes managing accounts for Google. He also manages accounts for several of the top YouTube content creators preventing violations to policies and guidelines to avoid demonetization. 

Wal has an Associates degree in Criminology and a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice from National American University.